Advisory Board

The Current members of the Advisory Board of IORG Inc. are:

 Chair: Professor Sanjay Chaturvedi; South Asian University, India. E-mail:

Professor of International Relations, South Asian University (A SAARC initiative), New Delhi

Third Cohort Fellow, India-China Institute, The New School, New York

Associate Fellow, Asia Society, New York

Associate, Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre, University of Adelaide, Australia

Honorary Member, Steering Committee, Commission on Political Geography, International Geographical Union (IGU)

Editor, Journal of the Indian Ocean Region, Routledge

Regional Editor, The Polar Journal, Routledge

Member Editorial Board, Geopolitics, Routledge

Member Editorial Board, Cooperation and Conflict, Sage

Member International Advisory Board, Journal of Borderland Studies, Routledge

Vice Chair: Professor Timothy Doyle; the University of Adelaide; and Curtin University, Australia. email: timothy doyle and

Professor of Politics and International Studies

Founding Chair and is immediate-past-Co-Director of The Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre (IPGRC) in the School of Social Sciences, the University of Adelaide

Founding Head of the Research Centre for Politics, International Relations and Environment (RC for SPIRE), Keele University .

Distinguished Research Fellow at the Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute (AAPI), Curtin University, Western Australia.

Chair of the Indian Ocean Rim Association Academic Group (IORAG) for 2014 – 15

Project Leader for the Australian Research Council Discovery Project (2012-2015) entitled: ‘Building and Indian Ocean Region.’

Chief Editor of the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region (Routledge: London and New Delhi)

 Member of editorial board  Social Movement Studies (Routledge: London)

Editor of the Introductions to Environment – Society and Environment Series for Routledge

Founding Director of Human and Environmental Security for IORG Inc. 

Founding Chair: Professor Dennis Rumley; Curtin University, Australia. E-mail: 

Professor of Indian Ocean Studies

Distinguished Research Fellow, Curtin University, Western Australia

Honorary Senior Research Fellow and Inaugural Professor of Indian Ocean Studies, University of Western Australia

Founding Editor: Journal of the Indian Ocean Region (Routledge)

Honorary Fellow, Australia India Institute, University of Melbourne

Associate, Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre, University of Adelaide

Visiting Senior Fellow, Future Directions International (FDI)

Member, Advisory Board, Insight on Africa:

Board, International Journal of South Asian Studies

Editorial Board, Polaris, National Centre for Maritime Policy Research, Pakistan

Secretary:Professor Christian Bouchard; Laurentian University, Canada. E-mail:

Professor School of the Environment

Associate Editor of the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region

Member Editorial Board, Cahiers de géographie du Québec,

Member Editorial Board, VertigO – La revue électronique en sciences de l’environnement,

Member Editorial Board, Outre-Terre – Revue européenne de géopolitique,

Visiting Professor (2015), Centre for the Study of Geopolitics, Panjab University

Member, Centre d’études et de recherche sur l’Inde, l’Asie du Sud et sa diaspora (CERIAS) [Center for the study and research on India, South Asia, and its diaspora]

Treasurer: Adjunct Associate Professor Vivian Louis Forbes; University of Western Australia, Australia. E-mail:

 Senior Research Fellow at the  Maritime Institute of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur 

Guest Professor at the China Institute of Boundary and Ocean Studies at Wuhan University, China

Guest Professor at the South China Sea Institute,  Xiamen University, China. 

Map Curator

Member of International Board of the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region

Member: Professor P V Rao; Osmania University, India. E-mail:

Founding  Editor of Indian Ocean Survey, biannual international journal (now published by Routledge as the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region)

Editor of the Journal of the Indian Ocean Region

Director of Centre for Indian Ocean Studies, Osmania University

Member, UGC Committee on Area Studies

Lectures regularly at the College of Air Warfare; the college of Naval Warfare; and several other academic institutions.

Member: Dr. Vijay Sakhuja; the National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi, India. E-mail:

Past member of research faculty of Centre for Airpower Studies, Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi

Past member of research faculty, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi

Past member of United Service Institution of India, New Delhi.

Former Director of Research, Indian Council of World Affairs

Visiting Senior Research Fellow at Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore

Director, National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi India

Associate Editor, Journal of the Indian Ocean Region

Member: Professor Clive Schofield; ANCORS, the University of Wollongong, Australia. E-mail:

Registered Member, Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG)

Member, United Nations Development Programme’sExperts Roster for Rapid Response (ExpRes), Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR)

Member, Roster of Experts, United Nations Crisis Communications Unit

Member, International Law Association (Australian Branch)

Member, Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law (ANZSIL)

Member, International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS)

Associate Editor, Journal of the Indian Ocean Region

Member, Australian Institute for International Affairs (AIIA) 

Member: Dr. Daniel Baldino; The University of Notre Dame, Australia. E-mail:

Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers (AIPIO)

WA Regional Representative (2014- present) 

Member, American Political Science Association (2006 – present) 

Member, Australasian Political Studies Association (2002 – present)

Executive Officer: Mr. Gurpreet S. Goraya; Panjab University, India. E-mail:

Executive Officer/Web Admin: Mr. Bipandeep Sharma; Ph.D Candidate, Department of Political Science, Panjab University, India. E-mail:

Professor Dennis Rumley
Professor Timothy Doyle
Professor Sanjay Chaturvedi;
Professor Christian Bouchard
Professor Clive Schofield
Professor Vivian Forbes
Dr. Daniel Baldino

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